How and Where Should You Post Your Resume presents "How and Where to Post Your Resume." Watch this video and learn how to succeed in your job search.


Hi, everyone. I'm Brian Krueger with and this is The Job Search Minute. Your resume should be posted as a very targeted job search campaign. Avoid the temptation to blast your resume to every possible job board or employer. It’s known as resume spamming, and it rarely produces positive results. Instead, focus on posting your resume to the targeted few. First, post to job boards specific to your needs, such as for entry level jobs and internships. Second, post to employers you are specifically interested in pursuing. And third, post to employers with specific jobs or internships of interest. Keep your resume posting targeted and specific, and remember to keep track of your resume submissions in a spreadsheet for later follow-up. This has been The Job Search Minute, for more career information please visit

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